Allies of Athros

Discovering Telkin
Far off course...

After stepping into an unknown portal, the party reluctantly frees the fifteen pegasi and heads north to a nearby city.

Telkin is divided between the High and Low Cities by a fifty-foot cliff, reinforced with “the barrier” to prevent scaling. The only known portal to High City is within the Temple of Pelor.

Brother Aldrin of Pelor confided a disturbing trend: The prayers and spells of the city’s priests are going randomly unanswered, but with increasing frequency.

Aldrin suspects the involvement of the cult called Ravenblood, and suspects Lord Jared Morganbane of masterminding the operation.

A brief lunch tour between “Lord Robert Brandibrook” and Olindar, the retainer of house Morganbane, revealed little. This prompted Myriad to initiate the less subtle approach.

Manor Morganbane mostly houses cultist guards, but a few oddities have been discovered already, among them:
  • An enormous harpoon spider, held in thrall by eight cultists
  • A very young red dragon
  • A statue missing a weapon

Lord Jared Morganbane himself has yet to be located.

Hey, let's take THIS portal...

After discovering the portal tower, the party decided it’d be a good idea to… jump in without knowing more.

This led to the discovery of the gnomish vessel using Pegasi for arcane fuel, manned by a complex series of security clearances, and attended upon by the Church of Innovation.

Beyond the Portal
It got away... but what was "it"?

The cavern complex which was home to multiple factions has been successfully navigated, allowing the party access to barren plains atop the cliffs.

The event was celebrated by the necessary slaying of an unconscionably rude Drow, and the escape of a large creature, presumably from the portal below.

The cause for the portal and its destination remain unknown, but the mysterious escapee telepathically assured the party, “You’ll have another chance.”


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